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Need a little local help?

What if you need local information, or a local human translation, but forums are a mess and you don't need a full blown professional translation agency. You just need someone to make sense of the local language and culture. That's where we come in...

We're a community of local bilingual native speakers, assembled to make your life easy!

A few simple ways to get help with everyday life…

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Submit a Question

Fast, relevant, local & up to date answers.

No trawling through forums, just a straightforward answer from a local helper who we'll cleverly match you with.

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Translate letters, forms and bills with a simple snap!

Finally, meaningful, locally relevant and culturally sensitive human translation at your fingertips.

Setlr human translation for everyday life
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Ever wished you could just forward an email for human translation? Now you can!

Send an email to us and get it back translated, ready to read or forward on in real-time.


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We'll translate your website posts and pages as you publish.

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Why people love Setlr

“We’re automatically publishing in 4 languages with Setlr for WordPress. Going places!!”


“Email to translation is something we didn’t even realise existed. Now we’re using it we can’t live without it!”


“Looking forward to the photo translation app as I hate typing into Google Translate :)”


“Setlr for WordPress is a great feature. We’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time.”


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