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5. Translate your website

9 out of ten internet users prefer to browse in their own language.

Plug your site into automated low-cost human translation and keep your fellow earthlings happy!

Translate your business website with Setlr
Setlr business email translation

4. Translate your emails

Light speed human email translation

Send an email to us and get it back translated, ready to read or forward on in real-time.

3. Translate your advertising

42% of people never buy in languages other than their own.

Make first contact with a world of new customers by getting your ads translated and localised.

Setlr translation for advertising and google adwords
Setlr customer support chat and ticket translation

2. Translate your customer support

Don't leave your customers floating in the vacuum.

We'll translate your customer chat or support tickets in real-time with real human translators.

1. Translate your everyday life

Letters, forms, bills, tweets, texts, anything!

Translate it all with meaningful, locally relevant and culturally sensitive human translation.

Setlr human translation for everyday life

Blast off!

Take your communication skills stratospheric.

Why people love Setlr

“Plug in, choose languages, auto translate through an online community of friendly bilinguals. Game changer.”


“Email to translation is something we didn’t even realise existed. Now we’re using it we can’t live without it!”


“We’re automatically publishing in 4 languages with Setlr for WordPress. Going places!!”


“Setlr for WordPress is a great feature. We’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time.”


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