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    Who wants to be stuck in the office? With Setlr you can translate from anywhere with a phone and an internet connection.

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    We believe in empowering the world's bilingual community, using technology to create jobs not replace them!

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    Pick up Setlr to earn a little extra cash in your spare time. There's no minimum commitment and no cap on how much you can earn :)

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Setlr translate and get paid

Translate Strings. Get Paid.

Here at Setlr you get paid to translate strings, which are just tiny parts of a larger job. You'll be working with many other translators on the same job, and you'll earn a really fair price per word for all your strings that get approved. There's no minimum commitment and you have complete freedom to pick and choose your strings.

Setlr translate and get paid

Boost Your Earnings.

We work hard to make translating fun! We also believe in rewarding our community translators for a job well done. As you work on Setlr and build your experience, we offer a number of ways to boost your earnings. You can also see how you compare to the rest of the community on our global translator's leaderboard.

Setlr translate and get paid

Payment By Bank Transfer.

Get paid by international bank transfer to any account of your choice. No nasty Paypal fees here! We also take care of the invoicing, making it more effiecient for you to dedicate time to multiple smaller jobs. You'll see your earnings in real-time and have complete freedom to request a payout at any time.

Setlr translate and get paid

Simple, Mobile First Workspace.

If you have an internet connection on the go, we believe you should be able to work. Make your free time more productive and translate strings from the coffee shop, or even the beach! Our mobile first interface is designed to make translation just as enjoyable from your mobile phone as on your desktop. Give it a try!

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